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McCoutzie™ 3D Sensory Rotatable Moving Sand Art Round Frame

McCoutzie™ 3D Sensory Rotatable Moving Sand Art Round Frame

McCoutzie™ 3D Sensory Rotatable Moving Sand Art Round Frame

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  • 7 inch product size: 18 * 19 * 4cm, 510g
  • 12 inch product size: 26 * 27 * 4.5cm,  1000g
  • Fine Quicksand
  • Crystal Clear Glass Frame
  • Lead-Free Design, Acrylic Base
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Safe and Secure Checkout

Bring some Zen into your Zone! Choose from 2 sizes and 8 colors

Slow and Smooth Movement of Sand allows for stress-relief and aids in calming the mind

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of your day and send yourself into a blissful state of relaxation 

Dynamic motion creates new sandscapes with each rotation. A mesmerizing display of unique beauty and unlimited landscape capabilities

Round Shape Allows for More Dynamic Landscapes

As this frame is round, multiple landscapes can be created with sand variations as you turn it. Allows for more creation options than a traditional square frame. Bring out the artist in you and your guests!

Makes an Excellent Gift

Give the gift of relaxation, sensory stimulation, and stress-relief. A stunning home decor item to display on a office desk, bedside table, or child's room. Definitely a conversation starter!


Great for Kids Too!

The perfect product to use during down-time to provide a sensory escape, to calm the mind, relax the eyes and to help redirect focus. Kids will have a blast creating mountains, peaks, valleys, and waves!

Instructions - How to Use

1. Allow the sand and water to fall completely from top to bottom
2. Gently lift the frame from the base and rotate as desired
3. Sand will slowly fall from top to bottom
4. Adjust the rotation as necessary for slow or fast sand motion
5. Get creative! You are the designer
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